Now 97.7 has teamed up with Flory's Gas and Convenience and Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion to make sure your Halloween has no tricks and just treats.

I think that I'm one of the most excited people in the Hudson Valley for spooky season (aka Halloween time). I love the costumes, the fun, and most importantly-the candy. I'm a total chocoholic, it's a real problem. The best part of Halloween was ALWAYS trick-or-treating. Getting to wear a costume and get candy? Sign me up.

Now 97.7 knows that trick or treating is the best, so we're going all over the Hudson Valley to give out limited edition Now 97.7 bags. We've joined with Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion and Flory's Gas and Convenience to make sure you have the best Halloween ever. These bags are also made of canvas, so they're totally environmentally friendly and reusable.

To get one of these bags, you just have to find us at our pop up spots across the  Hudson Valley. On Friday, October 5, we'll be at Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion and on Friday, October 10, 17, and 25, we'll be at Flory's Gas and Convenience.

We'll see you all month long, stay spooky my friends.

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